Why we offer a better currency exchange service?

We don’t charge the hidden fees that your bank do on Foreign Exchange.

We are proud of our bank beating exchange rates and wire transfers. We undercut the bank currency exchange rates and offer a much better customer service with better and more in depth consultations on your currency buy and/or sell.

Transfer of Funds

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  • Same day local fund transfers
  • Next business day international exchange and fund transfer
  • Safe and secure transactions of international currencies
  • 12 hour rate guarantee for any local or international transfer

Currency Exchange

Buy & Sell foreign currencies at best rates.

Exchange rates

We are mean what we claim for the best exchange rates.

Customer Service

To Hasti, a happy customer is priceless.

No Hidden Fees

We have no hidden fees when dealing with our customers

International service

At Hasti, expect next business day availability of your funds.

The Corporate Value Circle of Hasti Exchange is based on 5 simple but Valuable & effective rules.



Buy & sell currencies of more than 50 countries across the globe.


International money transfers with Hasti Exchange are fast, secure and will save you money.


At Hasti we are devoted to study the market and offer the best exchange rates to our customers.

Need a currency transfer? Send us your details and we will initiate a transfer.

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Contact Us:

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